Martens don’t like these home remedies at all

Martens don’t like these home remedies at all

Martens don't like these home remedies at all

Fighting during the mating season in spring, searching for a place to sleep in autumn: martens are active all year round. What keeps them from the car – and what doesn’t.

Many drivers fear damage from marten bites. With good reason: Every year, insurance companies settle 200,000 vehicle damages caused by the little rodent. Numerous home remedies are supposed to keep it out of the engine compartment. But do they help at all? The Automobile Club of Germany (AvD) states: Not all work, others are not recommended.

Dog or cat hair

It is often said that the smell of dog and cat hair scares off predators. However, according to AvD, stone martens are so smart that after a short time, despite the hair depot in the engine compartment, they realize that there are no dogs or cats around.

Mothballs or toilet blocks

Mothballs or toilet blocks kept in linen bags are also said to drive away martens. According to AvD, the success of the method is uncertain. There is also a risk of fire, so the bags should be removed before the start of the journey.


Freshly cut chili peppers or chili powder are actually extremely unpleasant for the predators. Spreading the pod or powder around the engine compartment works. However: The aroma disappears after a short time and has to be renewed after every journey.